QUO VADIS - The Musical


The Time is 60 A.D. A moment before the great Roman Empire crumbles into dust under the all- powerful emperor Nero, an impossible love affair starts a chain of events that will turn life around for many. Marcus Vinicius, a young Roman aristocrat, falls in love with Lygia, a beautiful Christian girl of royal descent. Through their tumultuous relationship Vinicius, still a pagan and a slaveholder, learns to appreciate the newly formed Christian religion, with its dramatized values of love, respect towards human life and forgiveness.

Quo Vadis is a story of love that defies all odds, a faith that defies the most powerful man on earth, and a moral code that survives the most brutal of tortures, the most horrible of deaths. "Where are you going?" asks the Latin title - a question that the apostle Peter directs at the vision of Christ, but one that the story directs at Rome of the first century, and by implication at the world of today.

Music and Lyrics by Olaf Pyttlik

Based On The Nobel-Prize Winning Novel By

Henryk Sienkiewicz

Book by

Angus Kohm

The show is currently under development and has been commissioned by the Manitoba Theatre Center (MTC)